What is super polymorphic virus?
11:35:00 | 11-07-2019


Recently, I often hear the term of “super polymorphic virus”. What kind of virus is that? How harmful is it? How to thoroughly kill this virus. Can you tell me?


To understand the concept of super polymorphic virus, firstly we need to know the concept of polymorphic virus.


Polymorphic virus is a virus family that has the ability to automatically change the code to create different types of malicious code (polymorphic code) in each infection. While regular viruses always keep the code unchanged in all infections, in other words there is only one code. Therefore, polymorphic viruses have the ability to hide their presence subtly under the scanning of antivirus software. Polymorphic viruses often change the code randomly or follow an algorithm based on time or infection objects. There are different types of polymorphic viruses, but the most common are polymorphic infective code and polymorphic destructive code.

Super polymorphic virus is the new generation of polymorphic virus family. This new generation of virus has “upgraded” the polymorphic ability by creating and combining various polymorphic types in a virus. Therefore, they can bypass most antivirus software without a deep scanning mechanism.

In terms of destruction, super polymorphic viruses are no less, even more dangerous than traditional viruses. They can steal data, steal victim information, slow down the system and reduce system security or take advantage of computer resources to perform cyber attacks.

To kill this virus, you need to check if the anti-virus software you are using supports the feature of scanning for super polymorphic virus? If yes, you should read the instructions and follow the steps recommended by the manufacturer.

If you are using Bkav Pro, you can select the "Deep Scan" option to scan and kill super polymorphic viruses.

Good luck !