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Cyber Security Solutions

Bkav IPS Firewall (BIF)

Bkav IPS is the Next Generation Firewall (BIF NGFW) with features such as: URL Filter, Web Content Filter, Application Control, Load Balancing…


Bkav Network Inspector (BNI)

BNI is the outer protective device detecting and warning of attacks. Besides monitoring the availability of important services in the system, BNI has the ability to detect early undercover attacks...


Bkav Total NAC (BTN)

Information security policy inspecting device BTN normalizes security policies, intercepts APT attacks with malware. NAC solutions are now popular on the market with the function of...


Bkav Endpoint

Comprehensive antivirus solution for agencies and enterprises


Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Audit

With cyber security audit service, experts will fully point out the security problems…

Cyber Security Training

Cyber security consists of many factors: Technology, operation and human

Cyber Security Drill

Cope with cyber security incidents such as handling malware infection, etc.