Is it necessary to regularly scan the entire computer by Bkav Pro?
11:31:00 | 11-07-2019


I am using Bkav Pro. Could Bkav let me know if it is necessary to regularly scan the entire computer for virus and when should I scan the entire computer?


Bkav Pro has an automatic computer protection mechanism, so during the usage, you don't need to regularly scan the entire computer, you just need to periodically scan your computer to clear unnecessary temporary and junk files.

Temporary files and junk files are files created by Windows operating systems and applications to temporarily store data but have not been deleted because the application or the computer is suddenly shut down, or for some other reasons, these files still exist after using the application and they are no longer necessary for use.

To scan the entire computer by Bkav Pro, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Connect your computer to the Internet so that Bkav Pro can automatically update to the latest version. In case Bkav Pro has not updated the newest version, please select License, then click Updates.

Step 2: Turn off the System Restore feature of the Windows operating system you are using.

Step 3: In the Scan section, select Full scan, then select Advanced scanning option, in this section, select Auto clean and click OK. Next, click Scan for Bkav Pro to start the virus scan.

Step 4: After the scan is complete, restart your computer to finish.

Note: In case your computer is on a LAN system, before scanning, please turn off the Share Full mode of the currently shared folders (refer to the instructions for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7).

If you have any problems with viruses or unusual problems on your computer, please contact Bkav Pro Customer Care Center via email or phone number printed on the card dedicated to Bkav Pro customers for timely support.