Bkav AntiXFSic
12:01:00 | 22-09-2009

XFSic infected computers have following symptoms: when opening Microsoft Excel, a new sheet namely "yyyyy" will automatically open.

Following these steps to remove XFSic:

Step 1: Download Bkav AntiXFSic from http://bkav.com.vn/download/BkavAntiXFSic.exe

Step 2: Run Bkav AntiXFSic, in the main Windows, click Chọn thư mục (Browse)

Tool - a1.jpg

Step 3: In the Browse for Folder Windows, choose excel file folder or disk drive to scan for XFSic, click OK

tool - a2.jpg

Step 4: Click Quét virus (Scan)

tool - a3.jpg


Before scanning, this tool will automatically create a copy of the original file in Backup folder (in the AntiXFsic.exe file folder). You can use  Bkav Restore to restore these files if necessary.