How to use App Lock feature of Bkav Mobile Security
07:39:00 | 10-08-2016

Bkav Mobile Security is equipped with Smart Filter which automatically blocks up to 100% of SMS spams and blocks unexpected calls. Besides preeminent features such as Antivirus, AntiTheft, Find my Phone, Anti-eavesdropping, Backup and Restore, Privacy Advisor and Safe Browsing, Bkav Mobile Security is integrated with App Lock.

App Lock is one of the features in Hide private content of Bkav Mobile Security that allows hiding private messages, calls, contacts, files, photos, videos, notes, locking private to avoid being accidentally or intentionally seen by anyone. "Hide" means not displaying data on the phone and data is encrypted. No one can see the hidden data despite intervening directly to data on the phone as well as the memory card.

Actually, the risk of leaking data by handing your phone to another person is very high. To protect users against unexpected problem, App Lock of Bkav Mobile Security allows locking any applications on the phone. To open the locked application, users must enter password of Bkav Mobile Security and are absolutely comfortable when anyone borrows their phones.

To use App Lock feature of Bkav Mobile Security, please take the following steps:

Lock application

Step 1: Select Hide private content on the main interface of Bkav Mobile Security and then enter the registered password and select Login

dApp Lock_BMS_1

Step 2: Select App Lock

App Lock_BMS_2

Step 3: Select Add

App Lock_BMS_3

Step 4: Choose apps for locking, we select Facebook in this case

Step 5: Select Lock

App Lock_BMS_4

You have successfully locked Facebook app.

App Lock_BMS_5

From now on, when accessing Facebook, users must enter password of Bkav Mobile Security as image below:

App Lock_BMS_6

Besides, Bkav also provides Fake Lock feature in App Lock of Bkav Mobile Security. To activate this feature, in App Lock list, tap OFF button as image below:

After tapping OFF button, a notification will appear as image below, select Agree or Skip

Unlock application

Step 1: In App Lock list, select Edit

App Lock_BMS_9

Step 2: Select the app to unlock

Step 3: Select Unlock

App Lock_BMS_10

Good luck !