How to download music and video ultra fast on Bchrome
03:15:37 | 31-03-2016

Researched and developed by Bkav based on the open-source code, Bchrome is the free ultra-lightweight web-browser which has super fast browsing speed and protects users from Internet risks, with many new features integrated. Users can download Bchrome at

Bchrome optimizes download speed, gets links and downloads music/video files from online websites 10-times faster than other browsers or downloads a full album with just a click.  

Download video

To download a video from Youtube, please take the following steps:

Step 1: There is a pop-up on upper-left conner, select Download video (Tải xuống video)

Step 2: Select the video quality to download

Step 3: To view download process, click the arrow icon on Bchrome or press Ctrl + J

Bchrome download interface

Download music

To download music files from online music websites, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Play a song on an online music website

Step 2: Click the orange arrow icon and select Download (Tải xuống)

Besides, Bchrome also allows downloading a full album. To download, please access a music album on an online music website, click the orange arrow icon and select Download all.

Good luck !


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