How to use Bkav Tool
08:46:00 | 07-06-2016

I.  Checking your computer and sending log to Bkav Contact Center

Step 1: Run BkavTool.exe file (Link here)

Step 2: To record log, click "Kiểm tra virus" on the screen

Step 3: A new window appears, select the folder (like Desktop) to save log file, then click OK

Step 4: The program will record log into file BL.bkc at the selected folder

  • If you are using Bkav IS, please send the file to the exclusive email address for customers printed on Bkav IS license card.

II. Sending virus definitions to Bkav Contact Center

After receiving file BL.bkc you have sent, Bkav will analyze and send file BT.dat to your email address.

Step 1: Upon receiving file BT.dat, you should save this file on Desktop, then run file BkavTool.exe and click "Xử lý"

Step 2: The program will pop-up a new window, select the folder (such as Desktop) to save file BS.bkc, then click OK

Step 3: If "Virus Alert !" window appears, click "Tiếp" to remove virus

Step 4: Click "Đóng lại" when this button appears

Step 5: Please send file BS.bkc as attachment in email to Bkav so that Bkav can analyze and update into the software's latest version

If you are using Bkav IS, in case of any related issues, please contact through exclusive phone number or email address for Bkav IS customers on the software's Support Tab for timely support.