Windows XP repair guide
02:34:00 | 10-03-2010

During a computer's lifetime, Windows XP users might encounter some problems like Windows XP's unusual or unstable operation or such matters as follow:

  • Windows XP operating system (OS) fails to start or runs unstably after the installation of some new application software or device drivers.
  • Windows XP OS fails to start, or users cannot login to their OS because virus has removed or destroyed Windows system files, or because users themselves have mistakenly deleted these files.

To get Windows XP back to its normal operation, users can utilize repair tool for Windows XP. The tool helps solve the problems without deleting already installed programs and users' data. The repair process includes restoring Windows XP to its original state and copying original Windows files to the computer's setup folder.

Notes to be taken before repairing Windows XP:

  • Prepare in advance Windows XP installation disk and Windows XP license key.
  • Uninstall Internet Explorer 7 and later versions (if any).
  • Backup the data stored in Desktop, Favorites and My Documents (in folder C:\Documents and Settings\{Account name}).

To mend your Windows XP OS, please do as follows:

Step 1: Insert Windows XP installation disk into the CD/DVD disk drive, boot from CD/DVD disk drive. When the notification "Press any key to boot from CD…" appears, press any keys to activate Windows Setup program.

Step 2: Press Enter to continue.

Step 3: When Windows XP Licensing Agreement appears, press F8 to continue.

Step 4: To repair your Windows XP, press R.

The repair process begins. After copying system files from CD disk to the computer's hard disk, Windows will restart.

Note: Do not press any keys when Press any key to boot from CD… window appears during this restart process.

Step 5: After reboot process finishes, Windows XP repair process will continue. In Windows XP Professional Upgrade window, press Next.

Step 6: A window appears requiring you to enter Product key, type the license key that you used for your Windows XP and press Next.

Step 7: After the finalization of the repair, the computer restarts. Do as instructed by Microsoft until the message box Thank you! appears. Click Finish to complete your Windows XP repair process.