BkavBackupRestorer using guide
04:00:00 | 11-11-2011

BkavBackupRestorer is a tool used to restore the virus-infected files which have been removed by Bkav. 

Steps to use BkavBackupRestorer:

Step 1: Download BkavBackupRestorer from http://www.bkav.com.vn/home/download/BkavBackupRestorer.exe

Step 2: Run the program.

Step 3: Click Cập nhật (Update) to update the list of files deleted by Bkav IS.

Step 4: Select the file you wish to restore before clicking Khôi phục File (Restore).


BkavBackupRestorer can only restore files deleted by Bkav provided that the option "Backup before cleaning" is enabled before deletion.

Use BkavBackupRestorer only when you want to restore the virus-infected files for research purposes.