Viruses spreading via instant message (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc.) and solutions
07:12:00 | 11-11-2011

Viruses spreading via instant messages are often the worms that are able to infect via chat programs such as Yahoo Messenger (Y!M), Skype, etc.

Computers infected with these kinds of virus often have some usual symptoms, for example, links with luring contents like shocking news or porn news that arouse users' curiosity constantly appear on the status bar of the chat programs; these programs automatically open chat windows and send luring messages to the addresses in the users' Y!M or Skype, etc.

Recently, viruses spreading via instant messages have been improved to be more widely spread. They are written to spread via both Y!M and Skype. They also employ more sophisticated tricks, for example, they send messages calling for help accompanied with links to persuade users that their "friends' are in need of consultancy; in fact, these links direct to malicious files. Viruses also fake Rapidshare download website to make it more persuasive to users; they also download malicious files onto victims" computers. The malicious file is disguised as a .JPG file and .COM file (an executable file format), which users would think this is the .com extension of the domain where this file is stored. These kinds of virus blocks antivirus softwares, copy themselves and create file Autorun.inf on USB drives to spread.

With the new features, viruses spreading via instant messages can easily trick more preys' into clicking the malicious links. The virus dubbed by Bkav as W32.Skyhoo.Worm is a typical one. This virus has emerged recently and used "evolved techniques" to deceive users to spread at high rate.  

To protect your computer against W32.Skyhoo.Worm as well as other viruses spreading via instant messages, you should take precaution upon receipt of strange links, even from your friends or acquaintances. In addition, to remove these types of virus and to ensure your computer's safety, you are recommended to adopt qualified antivirus software for long term use. A good antivirus software should be a licensed software with updates on a regular basis, and more importantly, it should offer live technical support from software manufacturer when there are virus related problems on customers computers.

A licensed Bkav IS offers customers all of the abovementioned advantages. Currently, most of the viruses spreading via instant messages have been updated into Bkav virus database for complete removal. To use and scan effectively with Bkav IS, follow the guides here.  

If you encounter any virus related problems or any unusual symptoms when using the software, you can contact Bkav Contact Center via email or phone number reserved for Bkav IS users on the software's Support Tab for timely support.