Bkav Safe Run user guide
09:03:00 | 11-07-2012


Bkav Safe Run allows users to open unknown files or access unknown websites without the risk of virus infection (even new virus variants which have not been updated).

Bkav Safe Run will be especially effective when customers often work on Internet environment and usually receive unknown files and links probably containing viruses or malicious codes. In fact, users cannot always verify the origin of these files or links during their works. When users feel suspicious, they can open them with Bkav Safe Run and there will be no harm to the system, this prevents the risk of exposed information.

Note: On closing the file opened with Bkav Safe Run, actions of noting and editing will not be saved. Therefore, Bkav Safe Run should be used only for file checking purpose, not for file editing purpose.

Instruction to use Bkav Safe Run

1.  Safely open files with Bkav Safe Run

  1. Right-click on the file
  2. Select "Open with Bkav Safe Run"
  3. Read the content as normal.

The file opened with Safe Run is surrounded by an orange border

2. Safely browse web with Bkav Safe Run

  1. Right-click on browser's shortcut, select "Run with Bkav Safe Run".
  2. The window of browser appears surrounded by an orange border, browse web as normal.

Safely surfing with Bkav Safe Run