Bkav Firewall user guide
10:10:00 | 27-07-2012


Bkav Firewall protects users, blocks the connections between malicious softwares (newly emerging viruses signatures of which haven't been updated) and the Internet, hence reduces the risk of passwords and personal information being stolen by spywares.

Why does Bkav Firewall show many notifications in the first using days?

This is when Bkav Firewall smartly learns user's habit to set up the most suitable protecting mode. When a software connects to the Internet, including popular ones such as IE, Yahoo! Messenger…Bkav will question user whether he allows the connection or not. User's options will then be calculated to work out the protecting mode that most suits him. This explains the appearance of so many notifications during the first days. Once Bkav completes its smart set-up process and turns to run the protection in background mode, users will no longer see this crowd of notifications.  

What will happen if users choose "Temporarily Block" option of Bkav Firewall?

When detecting a software connecting to the Internet, Bkav Firewall will alert users. In case users suspect that this software is a virus and needs to be blocked to avoid the stealing of personal information, users can choose "Temporarily block". Then, Bkav will block the connection. However, if users verify that the software is not a virus, they can allow its next Internet connection and Bkav will no longer block its communication with the Internet.

What will happen if users choose "Always Block" option of Bkav Firewall?

When a software once blocked by Bkav Firewall tries to connect to the Internet, Bkav will alert users and allow "Always Block" option. Such software then has its name listed in the "blacklist". From this time on, Bkav will automatically block every further Internet connection of the software without producing alerts.