How to send suspicious file to Bkav
04:34:00 | 03-04-2015

Question: I am using Bkav Internet Security on my computer. However, recently, there are many strange and unknown files that appear on my computer. I suspect that they are infected with virus. How can I send these files to Bkav?

Answer: To send suspicious files to Bkav, please take either option below:

Option 1:

Compress suspicious files by 7zip, WinRaR, WinZip etc. and set password. Then attach these compressed files and send to Bkav via the exclusive email for Bkav Internet Security Customer printed on License card.

Option 2:

            Send suspicious files on website Send file to Bkav (Exclusive for Bkav Internet Security Customer) at:                    

            To send files, please take the following steps:

            Step 1: Visit

            Step 2: Fill in Bkav Internet Security license key as image below


Step 3: Fill the information such as full name, phone number and email address into the box

Step 4: Click Browse… to attach suspicious files

Note: Maximum 3 files each time


Step 5: Select suspicious files

Step 6: A File Upload window appears, select Open to find and attach suspicious files


Step 7: Describe the problem on the computer (if any)

Step 8: Click Send to Bkav to complete the sending process of suspicious files to Bkav