Bkav Internet Security 2013 to be introduced
11:59:00 | 13-05-2013

May 7, 2013, Bkav has officially launched Bkav Internet Security 2013 with series of new technologies to totally protect computers. The manufacturer said that over a million of users had been updated with the software's new version before the official launching.

Bkav Internet Security 2013 uses cloud computing technology and is equipped with many new features. Bkav Community-based protection Online System is the shield connecting online with Bkav Cloud system, analyzes, evaluates the popularity of executable files in community, therefore detects and removes threats on users' computers.

Main interface of Bkav 2013

Real-time Rootkit Detection Technology, the breakthrough in anti-rootkit system, has the ability to smartly detect all kinds of rootkit even when the software has not been updated with the signature.

Bkav 2013 is enhanced with Virtual Keyboard, which replaces physical keyboard when users input data in the important transactions such as password, bank account details to avoid being tracked and stolen of personal information.

Share-full Protection technology protects the shared disks in LAN, monitors accesses from other machines within the network, warns and removes virus when detecting any sign of intrusion.

Also, Safe Run, Host Intrusion Prevention System, USB Protection, Firewall in Bkav 2013 are significantly improved. 

Bkav experts also focused on improving and speeding-up Bkav loading during Boot-time, optimizing connection to Bkav Cloud system on Quick Scan or Full Scan.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Director of Bkav Research and Development (Bkav R&D) said: "Because the number of Bkav users is big, to ensure the upgrading to new version, we began updating more than 1 million users 1 week before the official launching. Upgrade progress will expand to all users right after Bkav 2013 is officially launched and is expected to complete in a month".