Vietnamese enterprises need to develop methodically and replace foreign brands
11:00:00 | 15-04-2021

Regarding the recent call to boycott H&M, I should say something. As multinational enterprises, they sometimes have to “do as the Romans do" (when in Rome). Blaming them does not solve the problem either.

Similarly, Gucci and Chanel are found to be using the “cow tongue” map in Chinese market.

There is a better way. Vietnamese enterprises should develop methodically, from core technology, rise strongly, conquer the market and REPLACE FOREIGN BRANDS.

If we master our economic space and do not depend too much on foreign countries, then events like H&M using the “cow tongue” map would not cause frustration.

Objections are still necessary, but we need to turn frustrations into a methodical action.

CEO Nguyễn Tử Quảng