Total solution for COVID-19 prevention - Part 6
09:04:00 | 30-03-2021


Just as I was about to write PART 6 in the series of "Total solutions for COVID-19 prevention", Vietnam recorded 2 new cases of community infection. The development is as exact as the scenario I analyzed in the previous PARTS.

The two new patients were not detected when illegally crossing the border, but thanks to the CHECKPOINT AND TESTING AT HOSPITAL, they were still found out soon after. As my prediction, this "outbreak" will soon be over because of timely detection, therefore the number of infections will be small. In the post yesterday I predicted the infections would be around 6 cases only.

In PART 5 I made the statistics that 89% of the infections were acquaintances and close to the patient F0. Then, assuming the current outbreak has 6 infections, then just isolating the people closest to F0, we could "catch" up to 6x89% = 5 infections. In addition, there is at most 1 infection missed, F0 does not know who is that, due to contact in public places.

So, what is the solution to "catch" these missed infections?

At this point, technology solutions are used. Assuming F0 has Bluezone installed, the contact history of F0 will be pushed onto the system. Other phones that install Bluezone will compare and find out which ones have been in contact with F0, those are people who have contacted to F0 but F0 does not know.

Recently, we added QR code scanning to Bluezone. When going to a public place, Bluezone users will scan the QR code there, to register their presence, to increase the ability of recording. So, to track which public places F0 has gone to and who also come there at the same time as F0, just use Bluezone.

Return to the current outbreak. THIS IS A TEST OF the strategy I pointed out. Immediately, the CHECKPOINT AND TESTING AT HOSPITAL has been done well. In terms of traceability, currently, only over 100 people are isolated and I think that is enough, we do not need to quarantine any entire geographical area.

Technology tools have also been involved in tracing this outbreak, to find cases in public areas.

Trust me, with this outbreak, we just need to isolate more than 100 people and do nothing more, everyone, the whole society still lives normally.

If that's the case, remember, we can predict the pandemic and thereby we can CALMLY CONTROL it while still living as normal.

That is truly NEW NORMAL.

Wish you a good day!

CEO Nguyen Tu Quang