Total solution for COVID-19 prevention - Part 3
01:09:00 | 24-03-2021


In the previous post, I have analyzed the two biggest outbreaks, in Da Nang province and Hai Duong province. We all see the evidence, 10 to 15 days BEFORE FIRST CASES DISCOVERED, in both localities, people with clinical manifestations of COVID-19 came to the hospitals. With that period of time, the virus has spread dozens of times as analyzed.

The analysis also shows that if medical facilities had strictly followed the mechanism of COVID-19 CHECKPOINT AND TESTING, we would have had a chance to detect transmissions in Da Nang and Hai Duong when there were only 19 and 34 cases respectively.

Now, let’s look back over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. In addition to the two major outbreaks mentioned above, others are listed as follows:

  • Tan Son Nhat Airport: 35 cases
  • Bach Mai hospital: 45 cases
  • VN0054 flight: 25 cases
  • Buddha Bar: 19 cases
  • Van Don Airport: 19 cases
  • Phan Thiet city: 12 cases
  • Son Loi commune (Vinh Phuc province): 13 cases
  • Ha Loi village (Ha Noi): 7 cases

Studying the past outbreaks, except for the one at Tan Son Nhat Airport, which I will go to details later, other outbreaks were discovered because someone had a cough, fever and went to a hospital to TEST for COVID-19.

In the case of Tan Son Nhat Airport, the first patient was discovered due to the random test campaign of airport staff. However, learning from newspapers we also know, this patient 2 DAYS BEFORE had clinical signs of COVID-19 and WENT TO HOSPITAL TO BE EXAMINED. If the hospital had PERFORMED COVID-19 TESTING, the outbreak of Tan Son Nhat airport would have been detected before the random testing campaign.

So, if COVID-19 CHECKPOINT AND TESTING had been strictly implemented, the number of COVID-19 infections of the outbreaks would have been only a few dozen cases as actual data, and assumptions with Hai Duong, Da Nang would be respectively 34 and 19 cases.

Do you know why the number of infections is only around a few dozen cases? This has been analyzed in my previous post. The statistics of millions of cases show that about 15% of people infected with COVID-19 have a feverish cough that requires hospitalization. With a few dozen cases as mentioned above, the appearance of patients in the hospital is obvious. For example, with 25 cases, there will be at least 25x15% = 3 cases going to medical facilities. THAT'S THE SIGN AND WE MUST GET IT, it is the key for us to monopolize the disease, control the pandemic.

An interesting example that I observed is the correlation between the outbreak in Hai Duong (736 cases) and Van Don Airport (19 cases). Hai Duong missed its opportunity on January 18, when a fever cough patient was admitted to the hospital, so the province recorded 736 cases instead of 34. Meanwhile, at the same time of Hai Duong outbreak discovered, Van Don airport staff had a fever, went to hospital, got tested and discovered COVID-19. Quang Ninh province immediately zoned out the disease with only 19 cases  reported.


The disease will be under control if we do a good job with COVID-19 CHECKPOINT AND TESTING. This seems to be easy, but on national scale, it is not that simple and the omissions analyzed are evidence.

In the next post, I will propose a solution using technology, to ensure control over the implementation of COVID-19 CHECKPOINT AND TESTING!

Wish you a good week!                                

CEO Nguyen Tu Quang

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