Bkav Pro Mobile blocks fake bank Brandname messages
03:11:00 | 23-03-2021

Bkav Pro Mobile has been successfully integrated with the technology of blocking fake bank Brandname messages, which are to steal user accounts. Bkav's new technology uses artificial intelligence to detect fake messages, helping users avoid the risk of losing bank accounts.

Recently, in Vietnam, the fraud of impersonating a bank Brandname is on the rise. The bad actor uses a fake Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to trick phones around into thinking it is a base station of the network carrier. When phones are deceived, the bad guy will broadcast a fake Brandname message with specially crafted content to trick users. Many people have believed that this is the SMS of their banks and complied with the request in the message, being tricked into providing login information including account, password, OTP, etc. Then, hacker can take money from bank accounts of users. There have been many cases of losing money up to tens of millions, even hundreds of millions dong.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Vice President in charge of Anti Malware of Bkav said: “We apply Artificial Intelligence to develop the technology of filtering fake Brandname messages, which is integrated into the Banking transaction protection feature, thereby blocking fake bank Brandname messages correctly, helping users avoid the risk of losing money in their accounts”.


Bkav Pro Mobile, integrated with the technology of blocking fake bank Brandname messages, has been updated for Android and iOS platforms. To use this feature, users can download Bkav Pro Mobile from Google Play and Apple Store.

Bkav Pro Mobile is also equipped with technologies of eliminating virus, blocking SMS spams and unwanted calls, anti-theft, locating your phone, backing up contacts, messages, calls and many other features and utilities.