Bkav launches Bkav Pro 2024 with the orientation of expanding the global market
04:44:00 | 19-12-2023

Hanoi December 12, 2023 - Bkav Technology Group officially launched Bkav Pro 2024 integrating My Bkav system, and upgrading artificial intelligence (AI), to optimize the ability to catch viruses in the context of billions of viruses generated every day by AI itself. The manufacturer is also promoting the internationalization strategy of Bkav Pro.


With the principle of comprehensive protection and always accompanying users, My Bkav customer connection system is a platform developed to create a close connection environment between Bkav and users, in order to improve the effectiveness of preventing security risks in cyberspace, which are increasingly complex, billions of viruses are created every day by AI, and online fraud takes place every minute.


“We call them values created by a primary goal of accompanying and comprehensively protecting customers. That value has been accumulated by Bkav for 30 years and is added every day by our dedicated service to users." Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat, General Director of Bkav Malware Research Center, shared.


Along with Bkav Pro 2024, Bkav decided to promote to the world market. To implement this strategy, Bkav participates in testing the quality of anti-virus software with AV Test, a world leading organization in the field of anti-virus software testing. AV Test evaluates antivirus software based on virus detection, virus removal, performance, and ease of use. Tests are performed in real time, continuously for 2 months.


“To expand the global market, international certification for products is a necessary condition. We choose AV Test because it is currently the best test in the world," said Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat. “We are satisfied with the criteria and difficulty of AV Test, in accordance with the standards that Bkav previously wished for: testing the quality of catching viruses must be like catching fish underwater, highly realistic, not like catching fish on shore, simply scanning for viruses according to a given set of samples."


Bkav's vision for the international market was outlined very early through a policy of alliances with international organizations such as Google. Bkav is present in the Virus Total system owned by Google to support and protect users around the world. It is expected that in the next few weeks, Bkav will sign an alliance with another global organization specializing in critical infrastructure security.


On the occasion of launching Bkav Pro 2024, Bkav announced a golden promotion program lasting from December 8, 2023 to January 8, 2024. Accordingly, customers who buy or renew one of the anti-virus software products Bkav Pro or Bkav Pro Edu will have a chance to win the First prize of 2 SJC rings worth 12,480,000 VND or the Second prize of 1 SJC ring worth 6,240 VND. ,000 VND.


Those using Bkav Pro with copyright will be automatically updated to the new version. While using Bkav Pro, when encountering problems with computers, viruses, or spyware, etc., users always receive direct support from experts without additional fees and unlimited support times.