Bkav 2020 applies AI to eliminate virus without identification sample
04:04:00 | 30-06-2020

June 25, Bkav Corporation officially launches Bkav 2020 antivirus software applying artificial intelligence (AI) to detect malware without updating the identification sample beforehand. Researchers at Bkav Malware Research Center said that with AI Scanner technology, Bkav 2020 can identify millions of new malware appearing every day, especially ransomware, coin mining malware, spyware etc.

According to Bkav research, the number of malware distributed by hackers on the Internet has reached millions a day. Anti-virus solutions based on updating identification samples have become ineffective and untimely due to the rapid development of malware. WannaCry has infected over 300,000 computers in a few hours, while anti-virus software has not updated its identification sample.

Bkav researchers have succeeded in using AI to analyze and detect even the latest malware. Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Bkav Vice President in charge of Anti-Malware, said: “Suspected files are analyzed in a simulated isolation environment, from which Bkav can detect hidden behaviors of files even though the files have not been executed”. Bkav's AI Scanner technology is then used to score these behaviors, indicating malware with almost absolute accuracy.

The new version of Bkav 2020 is also equipped with Brute Force Prevention (BFP) technology, which helps prevent remote control attacks through weak password exploits. At the same time, Bkav updates major improvements in performance, using compression algorithms to optimize memory, increasing virus scanning speed 2 times faster than the 2019 version.

The manufacturer said that Bkav 2020 will keep the price of VND 299,000 for 1 license. Customers who already have the license will be automatically upgraded to the new version without charge, starting from June 25, 2020.

By this chance, Bkav introduces a program to help learners learn about cyber security and features of Bkav 2020. Participating in the program, users will not only be provided with knowledge about virus prevention but also have the opportunity to win gold or Bphone smartphone every week. Details of the program can be found at Bkav.com.vn.