Bkav Pro Artificial Intelligence technology
Use Bkav Pro to enjoy the full set of preeminent features and live support from security experts. World class product, Best software ranked by Vietnam Information Security Association.
299,000 VND
Bkav Home
Free version with essential features. However, it is advisable that you upgrade to Bkav Pro to ensure comprehensive and long term effect. To upgrade, you need Bkav Pro license Card (299,000 VND/one year of use, door to door delivery nationwide, free delivery)
Bkav Pro Mobile
Best in protecting smartphone, protecting banking transactions, disinfecting virus and blocking spams. Bkav Pro Mobile is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which automatically detects malicious software threatening to hack bank accounts of users, thereby ensuring the safety of banking transactions on smartphones.
99,000 VND
Bkav Mac OS

New antivirus version for Mac OS. Support virus scanning, newly installed software scanning, scan scheduling, etc. Be compatible with Mac OS version 10.8 and up.