Bkav organizes cyber security challenge WhiteHat Contest 11
05:36:47 | 29-06-2016

June 25, the cyber security challenge WhiteHat Contest 11, organized by Bkav Corporation, officially took place on WhiteHat Forum – the Vietnam cyber security forum. The event attracted 227 teams from many countries all over the world as the United States, Russia, China, Japan, etc. The final result is Top 3 of the contest were all from Vietnam. BabyPhD was the champion, awarded 30 million VND. MeePwn and ISITDTU took second and third places, gaining 5 million and 3 million VND respectively.

WhiteHat Contest 11 was organized in format of CTF (Capture The Flag) Jeopardy. Teams can participate with unlimited number of members and have 8 hours to solve challenges of Web Vuln, Reverse, Pwnable, Forensics and Crypto. This was the second time the event welcomed participation of teams worldwide. The prizes for Top 3 would be granted to any team who won, instead of to teams from Vietnam as in WhiteHat Contest 10.

Especially, this contest recorded the cooperation in making challenges between WhiteHat Forum and Ho Chi Minh City University of Information Technology.

In 8 hours of competition, nearly 60 teams scored points in WhiteHat Contest 11, of which BabyPhD had an excellently impressive performance. This was the third team that had points following GardaDeFier from Romania and dcua from Ukraine. More than that, from the 3rd hour of the contest, BabyPhD always ranked the first, ahead of second rank with 400 points. This safe distance was maintained till the end of the contest.

Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh – Vice President of Internet Security of Bkav said: "WhiteHat Contest 11 saw the participation of top teams on CTFTime rating as dcua (Top 1), p4 (Top 4), etc. Teams from Vietnam were quite reputed, with BabyPhD in Top 20 of CTFTime or ISITDTU of Duy Tan University ranking the 33rd worldwide in ASIS CTF Quals 2015 Contest".

"The contest was very thrilling. Except BabyPhD who always led the top during the majority of the competition, two other teams from Vietnam as ISITDTU and MeePwn made a surprise in the last minutes when surpassing dcua (Ukraine) and HACK (South Korea) to rank the 2nd and the 3rd", added Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh.

Here is the main stream of WhiteHat Contest 11:

02:00 UTC, WhiteHat Contest 11 officially started. Organizer released first 4 challenges of Web100, Pwn200, For200 and Crypto200.

Support team of WhiteHat Contest 11

Notification of WhiteHat Contest 11 in progress on CTFTime.org. Teams can register their participation for the contest on this site or on Wargame.whitehat.vn.

03:30 UTC, team GardaDeFier from Romania successfully solved the challenge For200, becoming the first to score points in WhiteHat Contest 11. Not so long later, dcua from Ukraine also presented their name on Scoreboard with first 200 points. dcua is rated the first on CTFTime (website ranking global cyber security competitions).

GardaDeFier and dcua were first teams naming on Scoreboard.

06:00 UTC, the first half of WhiteHat Contest 11 passed with 13 teams scoring. At this moment, teams from South Korea, Japan, Russia, Poland, the United States and China respectively appeared on Scoreboard. BabyPhD and dcua mostly remained their top positions during the contest by successfully solving 4 challenges.

BabyPhD was quite familiar with WhiteHat Contests and WhiteHat Grand Prix (the global cyber security contest organized annually) and ranks the 20th on CTFTime. In WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015, BabyPhD ranked the 6th among 195 teams participating.

10:15 UTC, the contest was more thrilling when getting closer to the end. CacheCrook, VTeam, yharima and BatmansKitchen respectively scored important points in the last minutes. However, Top 5 of the contest did not change; BabyPhD seemed to be the champion as the distance with the second was quite large.

WhiteHat Contest 11 ended with Top 3 all from Vietnam. BabyPhD ranked the 1st with 1,400 points, MeePwn ranked the 2nd with 1,000 points. The third was ISITDTU with 800 points.

The contest also recorded the excellent performance of many teams as p4 (Poland) who participated since the second half of the contest but successfully solved various challenges or dcua (Ukraine), HACK (South Korea) who had many times leading the Scoreboard.

Top 10 on the Scoreboard at the end of the contest is as follows: