Firewall BIF of Bkav: The best cyber security appliance in 2018
03:53:45 | 07-06-2019

Bkav IPS Next Generation Firewall (BIF) has just been selected to be one of the 7 best cyber security appliances in 2018. This selection is conducted by Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA). The award is for the domestic firms whose cyber security devices have high quality and is on the way to be commercialized in the market.

Bkav IPS Next Generation Firewall (BIF)

Bkav IPS Next Generation Firewall (BIF) is launched together with anti APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) appliance. Beside the features such as: URL Filter, Web Content Filter, Application Control, Load Balancing, etc. BIF is one of the rare firewall solutions in the world which are fully equipped with features against DDoS and web attacks.
The voting "The high quality cyber security products" and "Typical cyber security services" have been carried out annually by VNISA since 2015 with the aim  to discover and honor the high quality cyber security products and services for trade promotion,domestic products development. Thereby, the program also propagate, and raise awareness about information security, promote the application of cyber security products and services in economic and social sectors; support enterprises in manufacturing cyber security products and expanding market.
In particular, to encourage the new and highly innovative cyber security products, in addition to awards "High quality information security products" and "Typical information security service", the Association decided to choose and award the "Excellent new cyber security products".