Photos captured by Bphone on reputed technology forum
11:07:12 | 15-07-2015

Bphone is actually "not moderate" when step by step proving the message of Bkav CEO Nguyen Tu Quang that this is the world's smartphone masterpiece. A series of photos taken by an admin who often reviews photos on Tinhte forum, a reputed technological forum in Vietnam has confirmed the high quality of Bphone's photos.

From its first introduction, Bphone has been given many praises for its design which is very beautiful and luxurious with high-end aluminum frame, for its screen which is as beautiful as Galaxy S6, and for its configuration which is as powerful as top smartphones of Apple, Samsung, and Sony… A clip recording the comparison of performance between Bphone and Xperia Z4, the newest top smartphone of Sony has shown that Bphone surpasses Xperia Z4 in terms of performance in all speed tests. Especially, right from the previous version, sound experts have confirmed that Bphone's sound quality is "better than Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6". And recently, after receiving Bphone with updated firmware repairing camera software error and having direct experience, many users have confirmed: Photos taken by Bphone have colors of higher fidelity than Sony Z3, brighter and clearer colors than iPhone 6.

Bphone's camera has also convinced Mr. Dang Tuan (nicknamed as tuan_lionsg), an admin of box Camera, Tinh Te forum when he posted a series of photos showing Bphone's great capability of photography. Mr. Tuan said that, circumstances of photography were indoor and outdoor activities with not really good light conditions because Saigon was quite dark these days. Most of the photos were taken in auto mode of camera; some in HDR and some in Fast Tracking Auto Focus.

Author (tuan_lionsg) taking a "selfie" by Bphone front camera with angle width of 88 degrees

Below are some photos captured by Bphone in different conditions posted by Mr. Dang Tuan:

Color reproduction: "In my opinion, White Balance of Bphone is quite good in different light conditions, even when using flash, in the late afternoon when the light is weak, photos seems in cool tone, as if it is affected by some auto color effect". (See 5 photos below)

Fast Tracking: Bphone has feature of fast tracking moving objects (like continuous tracking of objects) integrated on Bphone's Camera. In fact, in addition to fast tracking, there are other factors as high shutter speed at appropriate level, increasing the speed of the shutter at the same time increasing ISO or increasing EV (Exposure Value) (See 2 photos below).

Bphone has high dynamic range HDR – auto capturing photos which differ in light intensity at different layers, then auto overlapping and mixing into a photo with more harmonious light for the whole frame (see the photo below, HDR ON to the right, HDR OFF to the left).

Fast tracking auto focus – In Bphone, this camera mode is quite simple, selecting and then shooting. Focused point will be the photo saved to the phone, then users will select different focused points and save into the second photo (see two photos below).

Original photo:

Photo focused on the vase:

See more photos from Bphone:

These three photos are captured in dim light condition from neon lights in restaurants and shops. The photos still reveals the great capability of detailing and light balancing.

Three next photos illustrate the capability of photography in dim environment difficult to distinguish objects. Bphone reveals these "half-light" spaces very well.

Putting black shoes next to orange and light grey shoes causes great contrast difference, however Bphone still preserves the balance when getting a little light burnt in shoelaces.

These photos have shown that Bphone has great capability of covering outdoor space, from landscapes photography to capturing close-up objects. This is exposed in the yellow detail in the centre of Nymphaea flower which is not burnt, or dead nymphaea branches on the ground of pistia in light or dark corner still preserve the contrast and vivid color.