BkavEnterprise: Comprehensive security solution for enterprises
04:26:00 | 31-05-2008

On May 27, 2008, in Ho Chi Minh City, Bkav announced the official launch of BkavEnterprise – the comprehensive security solution for business computing environment. This is a high-class Bkav pedigree which Bkav researchers have been studying and developing in the past two years.

BkavEnterprise offers a comprehensive range of security products and service: anti-virus software with server-based centralized management model, anti-virus software to remove virus from clients and gateway, and free technical support.

BkavEnterprise integrated device (Bkav Appliance)

BkavEnterprise utilizes the multi-layer defense technology which allows it to intercept and remove malwares no matter whether they propagate via a LAN or the Internet. With this mechanism, the perimeter defense layer stops and cleans the malwares at the Internet gateway and protects all the computers in the network from malwares when they access the Internet. The internal defense in the server and every client is able to prevent the virus from spreading within a LAN, through software flaws, USB memory sticks, and removable hard disk drives, etc.

Another BkavEnterprise's outstanding feature is that it works on centralized management principle which notifies the system administrator of the virus situation in the whole network. With BkavEnterprise, the system administrator can order all the computers in the network to deal with the malwares at a scheduled time.

Web-based remote system management interface allows the administrator to configure the system and view the statistics and reports without direct manipulation at a server.

Asides from the aforementioned features, customers can also enjoy professional technical support from Bkav's specialists. Currently, Bkav has three contact centers with more than 180 technical supporters.

"Network collapse due to virus can be nerve-racking in almost every enterprise. When a computer in a LAN is infected with virus, the rest are also affected. Hence, only an endpoint security solution can be effective in this situation," said Vu Ngoc Son, Manager of Bkav Research Center. "BkavEnterprise, which has been studied and developed in the past two years, has now been deployed in many offices and enterprises with scale of hundreds to thousands computers such as Da Nhim Hydro Power Plant, Agribank (Ho Chi Minh City branch in the East), Dai Nam Security Company, Bao Viet Fund Management Company, ONA (Office of National Assembly), MIC (Ministry of Information and Communications), State Record Management and Archives Department of Vietnam, etc. Being protected by BkavEnterprise, our clients no longer have to worry about virus whammy."

BkavEnterprise is now available in the market with two options: separate software package and integrated hardware solution (BK Appliance).

BkavEnterprise as separate software package

"The debut of BkavEnterprise is a part of our plan to control the enterprise segment in the untapped antivirus software market," said Quang Tu Nguyen, CEO of Bkav. "This is also a crucial step to bring Bkav to the international market in 5 years' time."