Bkis attended ICT Exhibition within the frame work of WITFOR 2009
12:01:00 | 01-09-2009

ICT Exhibition was a sideline event of WITFOR 2009, the 4th World Information Technology Forum, which took place from 26 - 28 August. The aim of WITFOR is to enhance the cooperation and support developing countries, promote the application of ICT achievements in socio-economic activities. 

As a ministerial level event, WITFOR brought together governmental agencies, international organizations, specialized agencies of UN such as UNDP, UNESCO, UNICER, UNTACD, WIPO, etc.

Being an Internet security company and the leading antivirus vendor in Vietnam, Bkis participated in WITFOR 2009 with the message "Bkis Goes Global".

At WITFOR 2009 Exhibition, Bkis' booth exhibited the company's popular softwares, i.e Bkav - antivirus software, eOffice - online operations management software, and so on.

During the three day Exhibition, a lot of leaders from governments, IT companies as well as senior experts in the area stopped at Bkis' show-room to share their view or ask about company products and activities.

"WITFOR is a good opportunity for Bkis to introduce its image to the global market. Bkis has been preparing for the plan to go global for over 1 year. BkavPro 2009 Internet Security, our antivirus software product, is expected to be officially launched by the end of September. With all techniques and technologies of international standards, BkavPro 2009 Internet Security is a significant move for Bkis to reach the global market as planned," Mr Nguyen Tu Quang, Bkis' General Director, spoke to the press on the sideline of the Exhibition.

On August 25, 2009, Bkis also released the Beta version of BkavPro 2009 Intenernet Security. Apart from a totally new interface, the version is enhanced with 6 advanced features and many other improvements in virus scan technology.