Bkis joins Business Software Alliance
12:01:00 | 22-09-2009

Hanoi (August 04, 2009) Bkis, a prestigious software packet manufacturer in Vietnam, has officially joined Business Software Alliance (BSA). BSA is an international organization which consists of technology companies whose products are used worldwide such as Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Adobe, etc. BSA is supposed to protect its members against software piracy. Accordingly, made-by-Bkis software will be protected in Vietnam in particular and in the world in general.

Dao Anh Tuan, BSA's Chief Representative in Vietnam, said: "Not many businesses are eligible to join this alliance. Bkis is a potential business whose products have been widely used. Bkis has developed a strong brand domestically and is heading towards global market. Bkis' BSA membership is an important move in the mutual effort in Vietnam to improve users and businesses' awareness of software license as well as to fight against software piracy".

Nguyen Tu Quang, Bkis General Director, said that software piracy rate in Vietnam remains high, which has bad impact on software companies' development in particular, and the economy in general. "If only 20% in our 5 million regular users (in Vietnam only) pay US$20 for their product use, we would have US$20 million more in our revenue. This would pave the way for Bkis's development and globalization."

As a BSA's member, Bkis will take part in activities held by this organization in Vietnam, and support Vietnamese Government in developing strategies to protect licensed software. In August 27 and 28, Bkis together with other BSA members will hold a training course about software piracy investigation for inspectors from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and some Northern provinces. Formerly, Bkis in alliance with Microsoft, AutoDesk and PPC (an American company specializing in developing software in mechanic) have carried out a similar training course for Southern provinces.

About BSA:

Business Software Alliance (BSA) is a non-profit trade organization that is established to promote the goals of software industry and Alliance's hardware partners. This is the first organization to place importance on developing a safe and legitimate digital world.

BSA is headquartered in Washington D.C and is active in more than 80 countries with its staff working in 11 offices in the world: Brussels, London, Munich, Beijing, Delhi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore and Sao Paulo.

BSA's programs aims to promote a competitive market for commercial software and associated technology.



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