Bkav achieved VB100 Award two times in a row
12:01:00 | 06-01-2010

Virus Bulletin informed that Bkav has passed the October test to obtain VB100 certificate. Previously, Bkav also achieved the VB100 award in August.

According to the newly released result of Virus Bulletin's October test, there were 38 antivirus softwares participating in the tests on Windows Server 2003, the Corporate Operating system. 63 percent of the participating softwares have passed the test to obtain VB100 Award.

VB100 is the most prestigious certification in antivirus software testing. To have VB100 award, an antivirus software must detect 100 percent of the virus in the Wildlist set. These viruses are collected worldwide by experts and are all dangerous and widely spread viruses (virus in the Wild). The first VB100 certificate was introduced in 1998.

For more information about testing results from Virus Bulletin, you can visit: www.virusbtn.com.

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