Bkav launches free antivirus software for smartphones
02:52:00 | 23-10-2012

Bkav Internetwork Security Corporation today, October 04, 2011, officially released Bkav Mobile Security, its antivirus software for smartphones and tablets. Besides antivirus, the software is equipped with Anti Theft, Privacy Advisor, Call & SMS Block features.

Smartphones are getting popular and gradually replacing PCs. Cyber-criminals hence tend to change their targets to smartphone devices. Bkav's statistics shows that 3,628 new smartphone viruses have emerged from the beginning of this year. The launch of Bkav Mobile Security is a comprehensive solution to the problem of ensuring security for smartphone.

Bkav Mobile Security is a comprehensive protection for smartphones

Bkav Mobile Security's Anti Theft feature helps users to locate their phones, enabling the getting back of stolen or lost devices. In case of theft, to prevent important data from falling into the hands of others, users can send urgent SMS to remotely wipe or lock their data. Of course, before executing users' command, the software's Backup & Restore feature will store all important data (Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, etc.) to Bkav Cloud. Users therefore do not have to worry about data loss.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Director of Bkav R&D, stated: "Bkav Mobile Security is also integrated with Call & SMS Block feature to release smartphone users from the nuisances they have been experiencing. Besides blocking spam calls and SMS, the feature allows users to set flexible blocking rules like ignoring calls from numbers not listed in Contacts at nights, or differentiating rules for work days and weekends." 

Main interface of Bkav Mobile Security

Recently, smartphone users have to bear in minds the concern about the risk of being tracked. Privacy Advisor feature of Bkav Mobile Security is developed to protect users against the risk by indicating the installed applications which are silently tracking their activities.

In this product launch event, Bkav introduced 2 software versions for Android devices. "Bkav Mobile Security, with antivirus feature, is provided for free. While Bkav Mobile Security Pro, having all the advanced features of the software, is annually charged", Mr. Son added.

Bkav plans to release other versions for the rest operating systems (iOS (iPhone), Symbian (Nokia), BlackBerry and Windows Mobile) by the mid of November, 2011.

From October 04, 2011, Bkav Mobile Security is officially available in Google's Android Market. Users can download and use the software for free from https://market.android.com or Mobile.bkav.com