3 out of 10 top Google search results in Flappy Bird’s homeland are fake
02:00:00 | 14-02-2014

Mountain View, Calif., Feb. 14, 2014 – Bkav Internet Security Corporation says 30% of Google search results for keywords relating to Flappy Bird download lead to impostors. Global users searching for the game will be directed to sources in Vietnam, Flappy Bird's homeland, and some other sources in Russia, facing the risk, Bkav adds.

The rate has increased dramatically after the creator Nguyen Ha Dong decided to take down his game from apps markets, causing sudden rise in Flappy Bird search demand on Google. Taking advantage of this rise, hackers fake the game with the aim of phishing or stealing players' personal information.

According to Bkav's analysis, hackers unpack the original game, inject modules which enable automatic SMS sending to premium numbers or the sending of players' personal information to server. Users can still play the game as the original version. However, while they are absorbed in helping the bird to flap through green pipes, money in their accounts are silently siphoned off.

Bkav's Vice President of Antivirus Products and Technologies, Mr. Vu Ngoc Son said: "Bkav Honeypot System identifies the highest density of fake Flappy Bird in Vietnam, the game's homeland, and in Russia, the country with strong presence of cyber criminals. As a Vietnam-based leading Internet security corporation, Bkav is well aware of the situation and updates all signatures of fake Flappy Bird in Bkav Mobile Security, which you can find a free version on Google Play".

Bkav recommends users take cautions when searching and downloading Flappy Bird in light of me-too apps' flooding the Internet. It's best that users equip antivirus for mobile to protect their devices.


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