“Viet Nam and a new normal life”
03:02:00 | 29-04-2020

Right after the Bluezone electronic mask application was officially open source for all countries to use, CEO Nguyen Tu Quang shared on the community of Bphone Fans Club about the philosophy of the solution as the one who directly managed the development team.

Bkav.com would like to quote CEO Nguyen Tu Quang’s post:

Every time there is a new case of COVID, we are worried whether we have ever been in contact with an infected person? This question has no answer, so Life cannot be normal.

Every time a new case is confirmed, thousands, even tens of thousands of people will be quarantined. We all fear. Life cannot be normal.

Viet Nam cannot remain closed to the world. It will be time for us to open the border when the pandemic settles down, but millions of people are being infected. The whole world has been and will have to live with COVID-19 for a long time.

The answer to these concerns will be solved if whenever there is a new case, we know immediately if we have been in close contact with them or not, feeling relaxed to have normal activities. Whenever there is a new infection case, only the people who have been in contact with the infected one will be isolated properly, preventing the spread of the virus. Only a few dozen people are quarantined instead of so many.

And we have a solution.

To protect the community from the COVID-19 pandemic, and bring life back to normal, the Ministry of Information and Communications of Viet Nam and the Ministry of Health of Viet Nam under the direction of the Viet Nam Prime Minister have deployed the "Bluezone electronic mask” application on the smartphone.

Bluezone is an application to alert if you have close contact with people infected with COVID-19, reducing the risk of spreading in the community, helping people to return to normal life.

Why is the new NORMAL LIFE?

All activities of living, working, and studying will return to normal as before the pandemic happened, only we have to HAVE NEW HABITS.

Use Bluezone e-mask regularly to protect yourself and the community. Limit to use your hands to touch the face. Pay more attention to hygiene. These are also good habits, not just when there is a disease.

About thousands of years before mankind had no scientific knowledge of Thunder and Lightning, they were afraid. That invisible fear was scary.

When we have scientific knowledge about the pandemic, we have practical experiences and clear solutions, we do not need to fear.

We can live with the pandemic until the world finds a vaccine, with a NEW NORMAL LIFE.