Software to simulate the evolution of COVID-19 in Viet Nam
02:06:00 | 22-04-2020

Morning, April 20, CEO Nguyen Tu Quang shared on his personal page and the Bphone Fans Club community the software to simulate the evolution of COVID-19 in Viet Nam. The software is developed by Bkav research team after the study on COVID-19 pandemic from statistics, helping the online community to have a panoramic and visual view of the disease situation over the past time.


In his sharing, CEO Nguyen Tu Quang wrote: “In the research paper on 'COVID-19 pandemic from statistics' I posted last week, Bkav research team also stated that the pandemic in Viet Nam will not peak high like many other countries and WE CAN RETURN TO NORMAL LIFE. The paper uses graphs and mathematical formulas so it can be arid and confusing. Today, the team has released the software to simulate the evolution of COVID-19 in Viet Nam, as well as to simulate the possible scenarios to help readers have a visual view and understand the level of the disease as stated in the analysis mentioned”.

The software has been loaded on the page: Three basic scenarios shown in the software include Actual scenario, Normal scenario and Bad scenario.

The actual situation shows the number of infection cases in Viet Nam from the beginning of the pandemic to the present time (from January 15 to April 19). The evolution of outbreaks on the chart is drawn in lines of different colors. The normal scenario is the closest to the current situation in Viet Nam. Accordingly, the current hypothesis is that there are still some undetected infected people from the outbreaks of Bach Mai, Buddha and other unidentified infection cases, with the number of about 17 people, the infection coefficient of 1.33. When an outbreak is detected, zoning will follow. The bad scenario shows a high infection coefficient of 3.9. If other conditions are kept the same as in the normal scenario, although the number of infected people will increase rapidly, it will still be under control.

The head of Bkav also noted that users should use the software on the computer to have a clearer view than on the smartphone and also disclosed that the latest information about Bphone B86 would be announced in the next few days.