A series of large brands owning retail chain choose Bkav eHoadon
01:53:00 | 16-03-2020

​​​With the aim to stopping using paper invoices, from March 2020, a series of famous brands in Vietnam such as Nippon Paint, Zara Fashion, Number One, Kido Group, Viet Ha Beer, etc. have chosen to use Bkav eHoadon, the electronic invoice solution developed by Bkav Corporation.


With the specific feature of owning a wide range of retail stores, these brands issue hundreds of thousands to millions of invoices per year. Therefore, the conversion from paper invoices to electronic invoices requires a solution that hepls manage invoices effectively, saving time and costs. That’s why Bkav eHoadon is choosen.


Surpassing all other electronic invoice solution providers, Bkav eHoadon is the most suitable solution that meets perfectly the criteria of a secure electronic invoice solution. Those are the efficiency, availability (24/7 online availability, 24/7 technical support) and security (ensuring information security, preventing illegal cyber attacks targeting data of electronic invoices), etc. Especially, Bkav eHoadon can easily be integrated with many different accounting software or foreign sales management software such as rKeeper, Ipos, etc.



Some famous customers of Bkav eHoadon


Mr. Vu Duc Phuc, Bkav eHoadon software development director of Bkav said: “Retail chains have relatively complex models, a large amount of data, and use customized accounting software so entering data into electronic invoices is not simple. However, with the experience of deploying many large projects, ensuring online 24/7, Bkav has come up with a suitable plan for the model of these businesses, help them save a lot of costs and time in deployment”.


With the technique of digital signing instead of red stamp, customers of Bkav eHoadon are no longer facing the risks of losing, damaging and faking invoices. Customers can easily create the sample, decide to apply and annouce the issue of invoices. Invoices are created and issued online, then sent to customers via email, SMS. Especially, customers can quickly look up and review invoices anytime and anywhere.


As the software designed under the philosophy of “getting the harder for ourselves, giving the easier to users”, Bkav eHoadon is the easiest-to-use electronic invoice solution at the moment. This advantage helps Bkav’s electronic invoice solution have a large number of users nationwide. Recently, on the system of Bkav eHoadon, there are up to millions of invoices created.


Up to now, there are more than 50,000 enterprises nationwide officially deploying Bkav eHoadon. In addition to Nippon Paint, Zara Fashion, Number One, Kido Group, Viet Ha Beer, Bkav eHoadon are also being used at a series of famous chain stores such as Pizza Hut, Jollibee, The Pizza Company, ThaiExpress, Highland Coffee and many large enterprises such as Hoa Sen Group, Bitexco Group, Manulife Insurance Company (Vietnam), Sơn Ha Group, Hong Ha Stationaries Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Masscom Joint Stock Company, Hong Ngoc Hospital, etc.