Victoria Healthcare Ho Chi Minh International Clinic System deploys Bkav eHoadon electronic invoice
03:36:00 | 10-06-2021

In May 2021, Bkav eHoadon deployed its Electronic invoice for Victoria Healthcare International Clinic system in Ho Chi Minh area. Thanks to the advantages of compactness, simplicity and ease of use, Bkav eHoadon has successfully solved the problem of connecting the inter-invoicing system for all Victoria Healthcare clinics in Ho Chi Minh City.

One of the important requirements when converting from paper invoices to electronic invoices in clinics and medical facilities is the flexibility and high accuracy. Victoria Healthcare is a system of clinics with a variety of medical services, examination and treatment. Therefore, building a system that can be integrated, connected and operate stably requires the development team of Bkav eHoadon to carefully investigate to come up with a comprehensive solution.

Victoria Healthcare includes clinics with specialized medical services and treatment. This is a challenge for eHoadon development engineers. After a long time surveying the software that the clinics are using, and working directly at each clinic, many options were proposed and tested by the technical team to choose the most suitable solution, making the inter-invoicing simple, saving time and costs, ensuring high accuracy, being convenient for accounting, declaration and ensuring absolute safety of clinic data”, Mr. Ta Thanh Phong, Deputy Director of Bkav eHoadon in Ho Chi Minh City said.

Bkav eHoadon meets all situations of invoice issuance just like paper invoices, adjusted invoices, replacement invoices, and canceled invoices. The software supports checking and warning when the data entered is not in accordance with the regulations of the tax authorities. The product is one of the best software that meets Decision 635/QD-TCT evaluated by the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City.