Bkav Vice President in charge of Anti-Malware: Mr. Vu Ngoc Son
01:58:00 | 24-03-2021

The one behind the success of Bkav Pro and the meaning of BKAV letters

“Have you ever found out what the letters B-K-A-V Pro stand for?” is a question asked by Thien Nhien, a member of the Bphone Fans Club community. If not, let’s follow her post on BFC to know exactly the meaning of each letter in 'Bkav Pro'.

B - Best friend of everyone: Receive registrations and orders, and then confirm by call. Right from this first contact, Bkav Pro has proven its friendliness, enthusiasm and respect to customers who might only register to understand more and have no intention to purchase the products yet.

K - Keep saying yes: Call customers after 2 weeks of using Bkav Pro, express thanks to customers, and ask if customers have any problems with the installation and usage of Bkav Pro. Tell customers so that they can understand that any encountered problems will be supported enthusiastically.

A - Armed black shirts: Support technical issues, diagnose illnesses of computers, help customers quickly solve computer-related, not just virus-related, problems. Just like the knights who are always standing by, ready to support and protect customers in all situations.

V - Viewless: Decode viruses, develop new technologies, the experts and rivals of computer viruses. They are silent warriors, the brains of Bkav Pro. They are not in direct contact with customers, customers do not know them but they are the ones who come up with methods to prevent virus outbreaks.

Above is the meaning of 4 letters of BKAV of Bkav Pro anti-virus software segment, corresponding to the 4 divisions named for sales, customer care, customer support, and research and development, revealed by Mr. Ngoc Son - Bkav Vice President of Anti-Malware.

Mr. Son entered Bkav from his third year while studying at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Under the direct guidance of Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, he began his first lessons about computer viruses with the slogan "Light efforts make mean results”. After all this time, from a 20-year-old guy to over 40, he still finds that saying is always true in all work and life situations.

About Mr. Quang’s saying that "Vietnam will become the next Dragon of Asia and cannot help but rely on Technology", he said: "Information Technology Industry is unlike other industries, there is no need for too much investment in infrastructure and finance, but only two things: computer and knowledge. So, experts in the US or Vietnam are equal in terms of working tools, but in terms of knowledge and creativity, Vietnamese experts show no lack”.

I "explored" Mr. Son's colleagues before contacting him and heard interesting things. I would like to share here:

"Hihi, he's very good. Mr. Son is an extremely perfectionist, so everyone in the company is under a little pressure when working him (Laugh). Sometimes it feels a bit scary. But that's in work. In fact, he is a warm person whenever playing with his children, he cares about his wife, hi, especially he is very good at baking."

Thank you, the "viewless" people in Bkav who are always working with their passion, bringing technological values ​​to the country at present and in future. I believe, with a drastic way of working, always finding the essence of problems from the company culture, Vietnamese technology in general and Bkav company will contribute the value to create the next Dragon of Asia.

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