Vietnam will have its own smartphone brand dominating the domestic market
04:18:00 | 17-05-2021

Before the news that VinSmart stopped producing smartphones, Bkav CEO Nguyen Tu Quang shared on his personal page:

Thank you Vsmart!

With the vision that Vietnam will be the 5th ASIAN DRAGON in the near future, more than 11 years ago, we at Bkav Corporation initiated the SMARTPHONE INDUSTRY owned by Vietnamese, now called Make in Vietnam.

When Vin Group participated in the field with Vsmart 3 years ago, to be honest, I was a bit confused. But being happier than worried, because we are no longer alone in this mission.

Although anticipating the withdrawal from the market of Vsmart, I cannot help regretting that this happened yesterday.

Smartphone is the quintessential TECHNOLOGY. Mastering core technologies when researching, designing and manufacturing Smartphones is that we have mastered most of the world's newest, most difficult technologies. For decades to come mankind's LATEST TECHNOLOGY will STILL ROTATE THROUGH SMARTPHONE.

Vsmart in a short time, with abundant financial potential, has already taken more than 10% of the smartphone market share from the hands of foreign brands, rising to the 3rd position in the market.

This affirms that we Vietnamese always DESIRE and SUPPORT Make in Vietnam products, especially Smartphones. This helps us confidently affirm that Bphone being in the Top 2 market share in 2023 is completely feasible. And I have to thank Vsmart for this.

However, our implementation is different from Vsmart. We FOLLOWLY rely on building a foundation of CORE TECHNOLOGY, even though this R&D investment is time consuming as well as expensive. We also steadfastly build and position the brand from CLOSE – HIGH END, from there to spread to the high-end and low-cost segments.

Believe me, Vietnam will have its own smartphone brand dominating the domestic market. Successfully building the Smartphone industry, serving as a launching pad for us to have a foothold in the World market.

For a POWERFUL Vietnam, the Asian Dragon in the near future”.

CEO Nguyen Tu Quang