Bkav 2021 launched with 5-layer protection, preventing attacks for digital transformation
10:36:00 | 11-05-2021

On May 11, Bkav Corporation officially launched the solution suite of Bkav 2021 with 5-layer protection technology, preventing attacks for digital transformation. The product suite includes the anti-virus software Bkav Pro 2021 for individual users and Bkav Endpoint 2021 for agencies and businesses. Bkav 2021 applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to eliminate viruses even without updating the identification pattern, especially integrating a series of high-end new technologies in combating targeted attacks, protecting personal information and user data.

In Vietnam, digital transformation is taking place strongly in all areas of life such as education, health care, finance and banking, etc. The activities of management, administration, production, trading, shopping and so on of businesses and people will gradually change, being implemented through the digital environment. This also increases the risk of cyber attacks, especially attacks on digital data and digital environment. According to the statistics of Bkav, in 2020 Vietnam suffered a loss of more than 23.9 trillion VND due to computer viruses, and the damage will continue to increase in near future.

5-layer protection technology

The new solution of Bkav 2021 applies Artificial Intelligence to create a 5-layer protection system, helping businesses and individual users closely protect their digital environment and digital data. The main protection layers of Bkav 2021 include the Network Layer that protects and monitors all incoming and outgoing network connections, and the Operating System Layer that monitors and detects operating system vulnerabilities. The Data Layer is responsible for protecting and monitoring changes to data or system configuration. The Application Layer monitors the application behavior and vulnerabilities. Finally, the User Layer ensures the enforcement of information security policies.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Vice President in charge of Anti-Malware of Bkav, said: “Bkav 2021's 5-layer protection system provides a comprehensive protection and misses no risks. At the same time, the system is also equipped with the features of centralized administration and periodic report to help agencies, businesses and users always know the latest overview and details about the computer virus situation in the whole system, from which they can really feel secure and actively participate in the digital transformation process”.

According to the manufacturer, the new version of Artificial Intelligence technology applied in Bkav 2021 has been enhanced the ability to identify malware up to over 99.9% as well as reduce the possibility of catching clean files by approximately 0%. The new technology of Bkav is also 144% more efficient than the 2020 version.

The solution for digital transformation

In particular, the business version of Bkav Endpoint also provides reporting statistics in the form of a visual Dashboard. Businesses will get an overall picture of the protection situation periodically by week, month, and year, including the number of scanned files, the number of malicious files, the number of controlled connections, and the number of blocked dangerous connections, the rate of infected malware, the times of preventing data encryption, espionage attack, the number of operating system vulnerabilities, etc. Bkav Endpoint is provided in 3 versions, suitable for businesses of different scales, including Endpoint SME for small and medium enterprises, Endpoint Enterprise for large enterprises, and Endpoint Total for very large enterprises.

Licensed customers will be automatically upgraded to the new version at no cost, starting from May 11, 2021.

Bkav Golden Shield, 1 billion VND prize for the program of mini game and 'Learning about Bkav 2021'

On the launch, Bkav offers a program to learn about the features of Bkav 2021 and various mini games, with a total prize value of more than 1 billion VND. Participating in the program, users will not only know more about virus prevention but also have the opportunity to win Bkav Golden Shield worth 2 maces of SJC gold and many other attractive prizes. In particular, the agents selling Bkav products across the country will also have the opportunity to win Bkav Golden Shield when selling the product during the launch period.