It’s OK to be thrown stone at but it’s our country’s life
03:24:00 | 13-05-2021

May 7 marked a new record of the 4th outbreak in Vietnam with 60 cases of COVID-19, in which 56 were community infections in 9 provinces.

It was foretold. By monitoring and researching over a year, I was able to guess the situation. Therefore, some days before the outbreak I posted 2 warnings:

April 26: COVID-19: The risk of the 4th outbreak in Vietnam does exist! How to prevent?

April 27: "COVID-19 IS NEAR!"

Such warnings were the results of my enthusiasm to the country based on our activities of monitoring, statistics, analysis and scientific researches. We even appointed a research team from Bkav’s Institute of AI Technology to get involved over the past year.

But, I was mercilessly thrown stones at, by a man with the title of "KOL doctor" and his fans.

I’m OK with being thrown stone at. It is very normal to me. Being a pioneer means you accept to be criticized.

It’s not the way to put my anger down as saying that. It is about the pandemic and it is OUR COUNTRY’S LIFE.

We need unanimity, joining hands, instead of baselessly criticizing or relying on the prejudice of "uninvolved people”.

You may know the world’s situation, how it is in India or Brazil. COVID prevention must derive from scientific bases and knowledge about Preventive Medicine which is more related to science, mathematics, statistics, biology and social administration. It is our strength and I will talk about it in the next post.

The following contents support my recommendations before the outbreak:

Hanoi is the pandemic’s epicenter. On May 5, the Hanoi People’s Committee issued directive No.11/CT-UBND clearly asking its Department of Health to direct units to coordinate with hospitals: "Testing for cases of cough, fever, shortness of breath during medical examination at hospitals", to ensure early detection of infections.

The Directive also requires people to immediately go to a medical facility when they have the symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath or suspected symptoms of COVID-19 for timely examination and treatment.

CEO Nguyen Tu Quang