Bkav Games 02 and unforgettable moments
03:14:00 | 23-10-2012

25th December 2011, more than 800 Bkav staffs participated in the official day of Bkav Games 02 at My Dinh National Stadium. Bkav Games 02, an extra-office activity for Bkavers, has 22 sports such as: athletes, football, tennis, golf mini, tug, darts, pushing, high jump, long jump, slow bicycle…with 70 events and more than 70 sets of medal.

To raise the spirit of solidarity, sports and cheer up the athletes, Bkav General Director Nguyen Tu Quang together with the athletes chanted the slogan "Bkav – Strength – Solidarity – Success".

Below are unforgettable moments of Bkav Games 02:

Main stage of Bkav Games 02

Ready for competition
Teams coming into My Dinh National Stadium
Full of oragne colour
Two MCs accompanied the athletes in Bkav Games 02

Bkav General Director announcing the official opening of Bkav Games 02

Singing national anthem before competition

Athletes trying their best in every sports 

Presenting medal to the athletes – Bkavers
Representative of the organizer presenting gift to Bkav

Bkav Games expresses the spirit of solidarity for a stronger Bkav