Bkav's product days
08:37:00 | 21-05-2019

Bkav is one of the few companies specializing in manufacturing - trading software, IT services and Smart Home system but regularly organizing product promotional and launching events throughout the country. The professionalism and attractiveness of Bkav's programs attracted tens of thousands of customers. That is the reason why each event also becomes an animated festival.

These are some pictures taken at Bkav's product promotion activities:

Bkav's booth at the 15th Vietnam Computer Electronics World Expo, the biggest event of the year in IT, Electronics and Telecommunications in Vietnam. The familiar orange tone of Bkav attracted many customers

Customers fulfilled the area of Bkav's Roadshow. The event was organized by Bkav in early 2012 at many big electronics stores in Hanoi to promote Bkav Mobile Security

Security forces at the supermarket had to work hard because of the crowd attending Bkav Roadshow

Students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in front of Bkav's booth at Bach Khoa IT Week. Bkav was the sponsor of this annual event

Bkav's Golden Hour programs which were held continuously in 2009 in almost large supermarkets and electronics companies in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City always attracted consumers' attention.

Outside an electronics supermarket, where the Golden Hour program took place

Inside the supermarket hall where people fulfilled

Bkav staffs explained the products and promotion program to customers

Bkav was introduced at The World Information Technology Forum (WITFOR). This is a forum operating at Ministerial level, bringing together many government agencies, international organizations and specialized organizations of United Nations such as UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF and so on.

SmartHome, one of the high-tech works completely built and developed by Bkav SmartHome (Bkav's member company), was selected to introduce at Socio-economic exhibition for Thang Long-Hanoi 2010.

The promotion program "Buy 1 get 1 free" at the 2nd Information Technology Festival of Education and Training in Hanoi. Customers who bought Bkav Pro would be offered a product of the same type or Bkav eDict Dictionary

They were all curious about the Bkav eDict

At Bkav's marketing events, customers always had the opportunity to interact with Bkav and participate in many games such as dart, lucky draw and so on.

A lot of arms raised to register for participation in Bkav's games

Lucky draw always makes people thrilled


... and happy when winning

Joy was not just for the winner

The joy of victory came to many people ....

Many gifts were given by Bkav ...

A customer in Ho Chi Minh City received a gift, Sony Vaio Laptop, at a Bkav's event

Gifts being presented to attendees at an event of Bkav Smart Home

Professional and charming PG team contributed to Bkav's success

Ninh Hoang Ngan - Top 8 Miss Vietnam World 2010, Miss Sea Vietnam 2012

Kieu Tien, one of 24 bright faces from Miss Vietnam World 2010

Twin models, top 20 faces of Miss Vietnam World in the Northern Delta region

The model next to Bkav's "big" draw box during 15th Expo Exhibition

Nguyen Phuong Anh, the familiar face of Bkav

Nguyen Hong Nhung, a familiar face of Bkav's events, one of top 10 beauties at Miss Vietnam 2008. She was also known as the owner of the crosswords at program The Magic Hat on television channel VTV3

Bkav SmartHome's booth at Vietbuild 2013, the most important exhibition of Vietnam construction industry of the year, attracted the participation of more than 300 businesses from 15 countries around the world.

Huyen My - Super model of the Asian Super Model Contest 2011 was invited to be a PG at the booth of Bkav SmartHome in Sitex Technology Fair 2013 (Singapore).