Total solution for COVID-19 prevention - Part 4
01:14:00 | 24-03-2021


In the previous post, we have affirmed that the COVID-19 CHECKPOINT AND TESTING STRATEGY plays a key role. After the outbreak in Hai Duong, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health issued a written request to medical facilities to strictly test for COVID-19.

However, ensuring strict compliance with tens of thousands of such medical facilities is not easy. In fact, test misses leading to an outbreak is the best evidence for this difficulty.

ISSUES TO BE MENTIONED: If they don't get tested, how do we know? How do we get to know about cases of self-seeking tests?

Controlling large scale implementation across the country is not easy. However, this is when technology comes into play, where BigData and AI will be used.

At Bkav, we have been applying data-based operation for a long time.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, I regularly use data to analyze and evaluate the situation. When the collected data is large enough, many seemingly unsolvable problems suddenly become simple, like the way we rely on data to understand COVID-19.

Specifically, first all medical facilities will be updated to the system. These facilities take samples of people with symptoms of fever and cough then send to the functional units to perform the test. This data is entered into the system to track.

WHEN THE DATA IS BIG ENOUGH, AI and conventional statistical measures can be used to find anomalies. For example, in a certain commune, the number of samples is almost zero or too small compared to others with similar conditions. The system will warn, so that the locality can CHECK its medical facilities. Likewise, wherever the data is too big, there should be a CHECK to detect fraud.

Currently we are working with Hue province and Hai Duong province to implement this solution. To avoid doubts, we do this NONPROFIT.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused billions of dollars in damage, made social activities, business and production stagnated. With the social responsibility of a business, from the beginning of the pandemic, we have always maintained a team of over 100 people to participate in pandemic prevention activities, from data collection, to software solution development or data analysis by AI experts.

Thus, by CHECKING, combined with the application of BigData and AI technology, we can completely MONITOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF COVID-19 CHECKPOINT AND TESTING STRATEGY, helping to detect outbreaks early when the number of infections is small.

In the next posts, I will continue with the issues of improving the effectiveness of isolation, tracing, and minimizing the number of isolated people to help the society operate normally while still preventing the pandemic.

Wish you a good day!

CEO Nguyen Tu Quang

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