How long does COVID-19 vaccine protection last?
02:23:00 | 16-03-2021

The first doses of COVID-19 vaccine have arrived in Vietnam. This is considered as a new "weapon" to fight the pandemic. However, "How long will COVID-19 vaccine protection last?” That’s a question raised by CEO of Bkav on his Facebook. 
“The season flu vaccine is effective from 6 months to 1 year for each injection. How long does the COVID-19 vaccine protection last?”
The world has started the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, we need to know how they work in order to make them effective.
Each vaccine has a different effectiveness duration. Chickenpox vaccine’s protection, for example, lasts 15 years, which means it must be injected every 15 years to be effective. But there are also types that require a booster shot once a year, like the season flu vaccine.
What about COVID-19 vaccines?
Studies in the US and South Korea show that there is no accurate answer because the COVID-19 vaccines are authorized by WHO under the emergency use mechanism, there is not enough trial period to conclude. But many experts expect the COVID-19 vaccines to be repeated EVERY YEAR, just like with season flu.
Some experts say the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines is from 2 to 3 years. Particularly vaccine Sputnik V is believed to be effective in a maximum of 2 years.
Another note, COVID-19 vaccines are only approved for people over the age of 16, not yet for children.

CEO Nguyên Tu Quang