Bkav CEO: Bluezone helps to reduce hundreds of times the number of quarantines
02:09:00 | 16-03-2021

During the outbreak of COVID-19, Bluezone application is an effective tool to support the authorities in pandemic prevention. Talking about the effectiveness of Bluezone, CEO Nguyen Tu Quang shared on his Facebook as follows:
More than 100 thousand people are struggling in "camps of quarantine" because of the current pandemic. In addition to extreme inconvenience, this incurs terrible costs to the government.
Statistics show that Bluezone helps to reduce hundreds of times the number of quarantines. The life in pandemic areas is less disturbed and can be quickly back to normal. 
These days, Bluezone developers are actively supporting CDC Hai Duong in the work of tracing. It will be more effective if more and more people have smartphones with Bluezone installed.
Realizing this benefit, especially in the situation of the persistent pandemic, the Chairman of Hai Duong province has asked agencies to "approach each house" to encourage people to install Bluezone.
More than 29 million people have installed Bluezone, that’s a record number. However, more efforts are needed, especially among people in pandemic areas.

CEO Nguyen Tu Quang