Relationship between COVID-19 and COMPUTER VIRUS
02:00:00 | 16-03-2021

As a CEO of Vietnam's leading technology firm and also an expert on computer viruses, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang pointed out the connection between COVID-19 virus and computer virus. Below is the content posted by Bkav chairman on his Facebook.
According to a recent report by the Center for Disease Control of Ho Chi Minh City (HCDC), most of the patients of COVID-19 in the cluster of 35 infections related to the Tan Son Nhat airport outbreak hotspot had NO SYMPTOMS or MILD SYMPTOMS. Further more, many cases quickly got negative after a short time in quarantine. So, this is a very special virus variant that is very like the harmless seasonal flu.
My major in computer virus has an interesting connection with this situation. There’s a kind of computer virus so-called METAMORPHIC VIRUS, which are programmed to change automatically after each infection from one computer to another. Especially, there are types that after a while spawns the self-destruction variation.
Sometimes in our career, we encounter a virus written by a programmer to infect computers that have already another virus. The viruses will "fight" but the latter infection is “nicer” than the previous infection because it does not have DANGEROUS COMMANDS such as data deletion.
We call such viruses natural VACCINE as they mark victim computers infected to prevent further infections. That means VIRUS KILLS VIRUS! 
Back to the HCDC report on the outbreak of Tan Son Nhat airport, I came to the thought of whether the sudden sharp decrease recently recorded in some countries with high infection rate, like India, is due to the appearance of a new SELF-DESTRUCT variation, as in the bulletin by HCDC.
A conspiracy theory can be also suggested, a certain laboratory in the world has accidentally or intentionally modified COVID-19 to create this variation of SELF-DESTRUCT virus. It is possible in theory. 
If I work in medicine, I will definitely study carefully this new variant. It is very possible to use them in the event of an emergency where a COVID-19 infection is as large as in the US or India. We then can ACTIVELY infect the new variant which causes mild disease conditions but blocks COVID-19 transmission in future exposures. 
I would like to ask the Ministry of Health of Vietnam to study this interesting topic.

CEO Nguyên Tu Quang