Bphone users are gifted 13 months of VTVcab ON package
03:20:00 | 21-07-2020

From July 20, 2020, Bkav Corporation has been cooperating with Viet Nam Cable Television Corporation - VTVcab to launch the program of gifting all Bphone users 13 months of VTVcab ON package worth VND 426,000. Accordingly, Bphone users will be gifted 1 month of ON VIP package worth VND 66,000/month and 12 months of ON package worth VND 30,000/month.

To join the program, Bphone users download the VTVcab ON app on CH Play to the phone or via the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vtvcab.epg. Then, log in to your VTVcab ON account with your phone number and receive the gifts. If users do not already have a VTVcab ON account, register a new account with your phone number.

VTVcab ON is an phone online television service. VTVcab ON offers more than 10,000 diverse contents such as hit movies, cinema movies, exclusive movies, nearly 200 TV channels, highly educational programs for children, and broadcast live the most attractive domestic and international sports tournaments, etc.