Viet Nam, one of ten countries in the world can proactively produce smartphones
10:24:00 | 13-07-2020

On July 13, CEO Nguyen Tu Quang shared on the Bphone lovers and users community - Bphone Fans Club that Viet Nam is eligible to build its own smartphone industry. would like to quote the sharing of CEO Nguyen Tu Quang:

Viet Nam is one of ten countries in the world that can proactively produce smartphones, including the US, Japan, South Korea, China, etc. Qualcomm Technology, Inc. said that Viet Nam was eligible to build its own smartphone industry.

Qualcomm has just opened its office in Ha Noi and built its labs which are also its first research and development facilities in Southeast Asia. The goal is to “assist Viet Nam to achieve its goal of becoming a regional technology center”.

Congratulations to Qualcomm Vietnam!

I attended the opening ceremony where I met a great deal of acquaintances. They are very proud because the capabilities of the local engineers convinced Qualcomm to invest more strongly in Viet Nam.

Especially, Qualcomm Viet Nam engineering and management team are completely Vietnamese which is rare for a multinational corporation. Moreover, the first engineers here were trained by Bkav.

It can be said that without Qualcomm, there would be no Bphone and without Bphone, there would be no Qualcomm Viet Nam as strong as today.

I am proud Bkav has laid the foundation and is daily promoting the smartphone industry of Viet Nam, owned by Vietnamese people.