RedLine virus variant targets gamers
02:31:00 | 21-05-2024

The new variant of RedLine malware spreads by "disguising" it as game hacking tools, tricking gamers into downloading it, thereby remotely executing code, hijacking devices and stealing network accounts. social, user's bank account.

Virus disguised as a game cheating tool

According to experts, instead of spreading via email as usual, the new variant of RedLine takes advantage of GitHub, a tool to help manage source code, which acts like a social network to spread. This is a reputable address of Microsoft, so users often use it without caution, downloading the application package "" to hack games without knowing that this is a virus.

RedLine Stealer, capable of collecting information from cryptocurrency wallets, VPN software, and web browsers, such as saved credentials, autocomplete data, credit card information, and geolocation based on the victim's IP address.

Experts advise users to be vigilant, not to open any strange, unauthenticated files sent from email, and not to immediately trust unverified messages, comments or links. Besides, it is important to install a strong enough anti-virus software for permanent protection.