Malware that steals Facebook accounts is rampant in Vietnam
11:23:00 | 29-11-2023

Bkav's malware monitoring and warning system records that the number of computers infected with Fabookie malware, which specializes in stealing Facebook Business accounts, is showing signs of increasing. In July, more than 100,000 machines were infected with this malware in Vietnam.

Fabookie steals through Cookies and passwords stored in the browser, similar to other account-stealing malware models. For most websites, if a hacker has a login session with a password, he or she can change the password, thereby taking complete control of the victim's account.

What's worth mentioning is that Fabookie is also specifically "designed" to attack Facebook Business accounts. This malicious code will check the decrypted Cookie, see if the account is logged in or not, then use Facebook Graph API Queries (a method of querying data from Facebook) to query additional information about the account. account, payment method, balance etc. of the victim's account. If the data block is successfully exploited and the stolen information is from a Facebook Business account, the hacker can use the victim's account to silently run ads instead of immediately changing the password and taking over the account.

This will help hackers achieve many other goals such as making more profits, using for SEO (increasing website rankings on search engines), websites spreading malware etc. rather than taking over the account, it will alert the administrator and have the credit card disconnected.

Following the trend of new generation malware, Fabookie only targets machines running 64-bit operating systems.

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Limit the use of the browser's password saving function for important accounts.

Use anti-virus software and network security solutions to ensure the safety of personal computers as well as systems in agencies, organizations and businesses.