Bkav in the Iconic Hanoi on CNN International
02:50:00 | 27-11-2019

November 2, 2019, CNN International broadcasted the program about elements iconic to the development of Hanoi, exploring Vietnam’s capital through the realms of style, business, technology and the environment. In this program, CNN International spared about 4 minutes to share about the smartphone Bphone of Bkav Corporation.

According to CNN International, Bkav was among the first generation startups in Vietnam. The company found success making software in cyber security more than 20 years ago when its founder was still finishing university. It took the company around 20 million USD and over 6 years to develop the very first Bphone. Everything from design to manufacturing is all done in Vietnam… CEO Bkav Nguyen Tu Quang also shared in the show: “In the area of technology, a successful smartphone company may become a symbol of their home country. I am proud, of course. For us, we compete with ourselves first. We overcome our own difficulties and the difficulties of our own country. And we have our own way”.