Bkav awarded the ASOCIO Cybersecurity Award 2022
02:41:00 | 07-11-2022

Within the ASOCIO Digital Summit, the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) honored Bkav Corporation with the ASOCIO Cybersecurity Award 2022. Bkav is the only Vietnamese enterprise to win this category at the ceremony for the ASOCIO 2022 Award, which took place in Singapore on October 28.

ASOCIO is the most prestigious award in information technology, attracting delegates from 24 countries and economies across two continents. The criteria for the ASOCIO Cybersecurity 2022 Award are to be a market leader or industry model and provide superior cybersecurity solutions and services that benefit a large number of users.

Over 20 years of operation in the field of cybersecurity, Bkav Corporation has been known for being the first company to find the vulnerability in Face ID in iPhone X, only 2 weeks after this smartphone officially went on sale; discover the vulnerability in facial recognition technology on laptops when this technology started to become popular; discover the first critical flaw in Google Chrome just days after its launch; trace the master server in Britain of unprecedentedly massive DDoS attacks targeting US and Korean governments' websites, and so on.

Bkav is also the organizer of WhiteHat Grand Prix competition, which has great reputation among cyber security community in the world. The annual competitions attract a lot of teams on top of CTF Times.

In many years, Bkav’s antivirus has been honored as “Users’ favorite information security product”, while the company has continually won Cups for outstanding Vietnamese brands. Bkav antivirus software dominates the domestic market, chosen by up to 73.95% businesses.

Mr. Le Quang Hiep, General Director of Bkav Global, said: “With the guideline, developing science and technology to help the country prosper, enhancing its autonomy, prestige, and national brand, Bkav considers its mission to build and protect the country with science, technology. The goal is to develop the country based on technology, making Vietnam the fifth dragon of Asia. The ASOCIO 2022 Award recognizes our efforts, and is a great source of encouragement for us in carrying out that mission”.

ASOCIO was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1984, and it is the most time-honored and active international ICT trade organization in Asia and Oceania, comprising 24 members - representing more than 10,000 multinational enterprises. The ASOCIO Award is an information technology award organized by ASOCIO since 2003. Every year, the ASOCIO Award evaluates more than 10,000 submissions to select organizations, businesses, and governments that effectively apply technology in fields of life, forming a digital transformation solution ecosystem.